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How to use Web WhatsApp as learning tool.


  • To start fill in the following anticipating guide:

Anticipation Guide

If you want to know more about the function of using WhatsApp on a computer ... skip these two videos ...

In this activity you'll accomplish several tasks which will enable you to use WhatsApp on the computer in any part of the world.

Let's go ... !!!!

Task 1: WhatsApp in my Computer

  • Sit at a computer ...
  • Work in pairs (or groups) ... with a little help from your friends.
    • Odd-numbered Teams: (1,3,5,7,9)
    • Even-numbered Teams: (2,4,6,8,10)

Task 1.1: Warming up

  • Choose one person from each team to use their mobile device with WhatsApp.
  • Make sure you have the phone number of one person from the other team in your contacts!!
    • Team 1 <-> Team 2
    • Team 3 <-> Team 4
    • Team 5 <-> Team 6
  • Exchange some messages with this person using the mobile.

Task 1.2: Let's use WhatsApp on the computer

  • First: on the computer
    • You are not going to install anything on the computer.
    • You only need a browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc).
    • Open your favourite browser
    • Google "Web WhatsApp"
    • When this link appears click on it:
Piale google.png
    • You'll get the following site with a QR Code...
Piale QR.png

  • Now it's time to prepare your mobile device.
    • Open WhatsApp
    • On your phone follow the instructions that you have in the website where you have the QR Code.
    • You'll see a camera on your mobile device
    • Scan the QR code on the browser.
Piale scan.jpeg
  • Et voilà .... WhatsApp is on your computer !!!!
Piale wwp.png

  • Now some other tasks!!

Task 2: Starting with basic text messages

  • Using the computer exchange some messages with the other team.
  • Questions:
    • Check out what happens on your mobile WhatsApp.

Task 2.1: Activating notifications on your computer

  • Click on the notification instruction if you want to be notified when messages comes in.
Piale notifications1.png
  • This will appear ...
Piale notifications2.png
  • Allow notifications on your desktop ...
  • Now exchange more messages ...
  • Questions:
    • What happens to the other team's computer?

Task 3: Manage pics and images

Task 3.1: Send pics/images in basic mode

Odd-numbered Team

  • Take a screenshot of your computer screen (Printscreen key on ...
  • Send the screenshot to the Even-Team
    • Paste it on the WhatsApp Dialog box (With CTRL+V or Right Click -> Paste)

Even-numbered Team

  • Open a newspaper
  • Copy an image from the Newspaper (Right click on the image and select Copy Image)
  • Send the image to the Odd-Team
    • Paste it on the WhatsApp Dialog box (With CTRL+V or Right Click -> Paste)

Task 3.2: Send pics in an advanced mode

  • On the WhatsApp Web choose "Canada 2017" Group

Odd-numbered Team

  • On the left or right side of every pic there is a curved arrow.
  • Click on the arrow of any image.
Piale curved arrow1.png
  • Send the image to the Even-Team.

Even-numbered Team

  • When you hover (pass the mouse) over a message (text, pic, video and document) an arrow appears in the right-up-corner.
Piale right arrow1.png
  • Click this arrow on any message.
  • Have a look at the different options.
Piale right arrow menu1.png
  • Select the "Forward Message" option.
  • Now on the left side of every message you have a box that allows you to select more messages.
Piale reenviar.png
  • Select two pics and two texts.
  • Click the arrow on the bottom-right corner.
  • Send them to the Odd-Team.

Task 4: Using WhatsApp in more than a computer ?

  • The person who is using whatsapp in each team should switch to the other team.
    • Team 1 <-> Team 2
    • Team 3 <-> Team 4
    • Team 5 <-> Team 6
  • The person who was using the Whatsapp web on the other computer should reconnect to the new computer
  • In this case, as it is not your first computer, you should press the + button on the top-right corner. Scan the QR code.
Piale morecomputers.jpeg
  • Questions
    • What happens to the first open session on the first computer?
    • Discuss with your team mates.

Task 4.1: Checking the previous knowledge

  • Now the old and new member of the team should redo the tasks 3.1 and 3.2
  • But in this case the receivers of all messages should be the teachers (both at the same time), Belén & Carlos.
  • The original teammate should explain to the new teammate what they did and send the messages to the teachers.
  • After that, it is time for the new member to do the same with the original member and send the messages to the teachers.

Task 5.- Exit from WhatsApp Web

Task 5.1. Re-open a web WhatsApp connection

  • Close the browser where you are using WhatsApp.
  • Then re-open the browser.
  • Once again go to
  • Questions:
    • What happens?
    • Why?
    • Does this initial image suggest something to you?
Piale QR.png

Task 5.2.- Close your WhatsApp connection from your device

  • Go to Whatsapp Web on your mobile device
  • You'll see all the computers where you have logged in.
Piale logoff1.jpeg
  • You can press one of those computers and log out ...
Piale logoff2.jpeg
  • Or you can press the last button and and log out from all the computers ..
Piale logoff1.jpeg

Task 6: More pics ... but in Advanced II

  • Now we are going to learn how to manage several pics and how to download them to the computer.
  • Once again connect WhatsApp on your computer

Task 6.1: Download a pic

  • To do in Galicia ...
  • Go to "Canada 2017" group

Task 6.2: Download a bunch of pics

  • To do in Galicia ...

Task 6.3: Send a bunch of pics from the computer to your friends: Using the menu

  • To do in Galicia ...
Piale images videos.png

Task 6.4: Send a bunch of pics from the computer to your frinds: Using the Drag & Drop (Arrastrar y soltar)

  • To do in Galicia ...

Task 6.5: Send a pic from your computer camera

Piale camera.png

Task 7.- Use your wings ....

  • Now you can fly solo ...

7.1 Managing documents

Piale documents.png
  • Create a word document on your computer.
  • It should have the members' name.
  • Save it.
  • Send it to "Canada 2017" Group

7.2 Managing videos

  • To do in Galicia ...
Piale images videos.png

Exit Card

  • When you finish your tasks please give us feedback by completing the following Exit Card.
  • This Exit Card was created using one of the Google Drive applications: Google Forms.
  • Exit Card

Final Optional Task ...

  • Get the lyrics of the following song ; -) ... or skip it ... again!!!

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That's all folks!!! - The devil is in the details